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Paint Roller Nap Or Pile

May. 24, 2016

Paint roller covers nap are typical  available in 3/16",1/4"3/8"1/2"3/4" and 1" thickness pile. Each  thickness is designed for different purposes. Standard wall rollers are 7 to 12  inches wide, while specialty rollers are generally 2 to 18 inches wide.

3/16"-1/4"(5mm-6mm)  nap

  • Ideal for use on smooth  surfaces
  • Metal doors, interior doors,  trim and cabinets
  • Perfect for semi-gloss or gloss  coatings
  • Works well with both oil- and  water-base enamels

3/8"-1/2"  (9.5mm) nap

  • Medium (semi-smooth) surfaces
  • Use on painted or unpainted walls
  • Great for walls and ceilings

1/2"-3/4"-1"  (12mm-28mm-25mm) nap

  • Can handle semi-rough surfaces
  • Great for stucco

1-1/4"  - 1-1/2" (32mm-38mm) nap

  • Works well on extra rough  surfaces
  • Use on brick and masonry, cinder  blocks or chain link fences
  • Use for painting cinder block  and chain link fences
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