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Which Is Better, Roller Brush Or Bristle Paint Brush?

Apr. 03, 2019

For engineering construction, the decoration of the home bedroom needs to be painted. The paint needs to use the correct decorative auxiliary tools. At present, there are generally brushing and roller coating. The two methods of painting are different. As a Flat Paint Brush Manufacturer, let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of brushing and rolling.

1. Advantages of brushing: The new house needs decoration. Generally, the brushing of the wall is very important. The brushing method of the bedroom is generally better than the brushing method. The brush is painted and brushed with a Bristle Paint Brush. The effect of using a paint brush is good, and the key is to save on cost. Moreover, the brushing tool is simple, the construction is convenient, and it is easy to master the skill.

Disadvantages: However, brushing also has its disadvantages; the use of brushing is slow and labor-intensive, and if the operation is not skilled, it will cause uneven coating.

Bristle Paint Brush

2. Advantages of roller coating: The advantage of roller coating is that its one-time painting area is large, which improves the efficiency of painting, reduces the workload, and saves time and manpower compared with brushing.

Disadvantages: However, Roller Brush has very few people who are not commonly used, because Roller Brush wastes paint and increases the cost; and the effect of roller brush is not satisfactory, and the brush wall is prone to pockmark effect, so many people do not really like to use this method.

The choice of Bristle Paint Brush and Roller Brush requires an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the different brushes. Do not use the brush at will.

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