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The Best Paint Roller for a Smooth Paint End Up on Cupboards and Furnishings

Nov. 08, 2021

You can obtain a perfectly smooth paint surface by using a roller! I have actually painted lots of pieces of furniture (as well as cabinets) utilizing both a paint sprayer and also a brush/paint roller combination.

If you analyzed the paint coating very closely, it may not be 100% as smooth as a surface sprayed with a paint sprayer. But considering that nobody is posting likely to be analyzing your furniture with a magnifying glass, a roller will work simply great.

However, if you want a truly smooth finish, you do require to make use of the ideal paint roller and the appropriate painting approaches.

Nylon 10 in. Paint Roller


The very first step to obtaining a truly smooth paint finish is, to begin with, a smooth surface area. If you are painting a timber surface area that is a little bit rougher than you'd such as, sand it with 220 grit sandpaper to smooth the harsh sides.

It also aids to use excellent paint. Most furniture paints as well as paints that work well for closets are self-leveling. This implies that as they dry, they ravel to form an even surface which actually aids brush strokes and roller marks vanish.

Whatever paint you are using, be sure to stir it thoroughly prior to painting.

Pour your paint right into a paint tray and roll your roller in the paint. Be sure to roll your roller around a couple of times, in the beginning, to make sure all sides are loaded with paint.
Roll your roller over the ridges and also grooves of the shallow side of the paint tray to eliminate any kind of excess paint. You want your paint roller to be wet yet not trickling.

Paint with long even rolls relocating from one side of the surface area to the various other.
When you have actually rolled on the first layer of paint, you will most likely discover some areas that appear like they could utilize a retouch. It is so appealing to just do another quick roll of paint over those spots, but do not do it!

When the paint starts to dry, it ends up being gaudy and if you touch it or roll it, you will actually contribute to the texture as opposed to making it smoother.
When the paint has totally dried, you can add a 2nd coat. Once it dries, the second coat should look smoother and extra even than the very first.

Following these actions should get you a smooth coat of paint. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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