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Why Choose Paint Roller Bucket?

Nov. 01, 2021

As a Paint Brush Manufacturer, I will share with you.

When you really want to get paint on the wall fast, nothing beats a roller. To further increase this efficiency, ditch the tray and get a bucket with a roller sifter. The bucket has plenty of paint in it, you won't accidentally step on it, and the handle makes it easier to carry around than a pallet, so you can keep it close by. The bucket also allows you to "box" the paint - pouring cans of similar colors into one container to balance out any minor inconsistencies in color.

Paint buckets hold more paint than trays, require fewer refills, are more consistent, and reduce spills. Using a bucket is simple. Simply dip the drum halfway into the paint and roll it across the screen once to squeeze out the excess paint.

Paint Roller Bucket

Paint Roller Bucket

How do I choose the best Paint Roller Bucket for the job?

If you plan to paint crown molding or the exterior of your home, a bucket that can be used with a ladder is a good choice. For painting shelves or covering scuff marks on walls, a small hand-held bucket is a better choice. If a major home renovation is underway, then a large-capacity, wheeled bucket makes the most sense.

These buckets have an attached handle that makes them easy to move around. If you keep the paint level below the bottom of the compartment, they are less likely to tip over, even if they get bumped. If you get into the habit of attaching extensions to your paint roller setup - and you should - you won't have to do any bending over to reload or reach high up on the wall. Another benefit of using a bucket is that when you're ready to call it a day, you simply put the lid on the bucket and you won't have to worry about your paint peeling.

Painting Bucket

Painting Bucket

How do I paint with a roller and bucket?

Lay a tarp on the floor. Pour the paint into a clean bucket. Don't pour too much paint into the bucket. Leave enough room for a paint grid screen.

Insert a paint grid screen into the bucket. For smaller buckets, you will use the appropriate size screen. Hook the prongs of the grid over the edge of the bucket to stabilize it.

Place the paint bucket near the surface you want to paint. Insert the roller cover onto the roller handle. Submerge the roller cover in the paint. Starting at the top of the paint grid screen, roll the lid down and then up. Repeat rolling the screen up and down to remove excess paint and to distribute the paint evenly across the roller cover.

Place the loaded paint roller on the top of the wall to be painted. Roll smoothly and continuously along the wall until you reach the bottom of the wall. Roll upwards again. Reload the paint roller. Move about the width of one roller and repeat the process. Roll a few paint streaks on the wall. Blend these streaks together with long, vertical strokes. Repeat this process until all of the wall is covered with paint.

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