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How to Choose a Paintbrush When Applying Varnish?

Oct. 23, 2021

For small woodworkers without spraying equipment, varnish is one of the best finishes. It is easy to apply, attractive and very strong. It provides a faster build than wiping and produces a thicker, more protective coating. Unfortunately, many woodworkers avoid varnishing and are frustrated by running water, dripping water, and other defects. But cheer up; there is nothing magical about creating beautiful brushed varnish finishes. You only need to understand some basic principles and techniques, Paint Brushes Supplier will share them with you here.

I choose to use an oily varnish and apply it with a natural bristle brush. However, the same basic method applies to water-based varnishes, but you need to work faster and use a synthetic brush. If you are not familiar with varnishes, I suggest starting with a relatively small project to understand the materials and craftsmanship.

Varnish Paint Brush

Varnish Paint Brush

Choose a brush

For oily varnishes, use natural bristles, such as porcelain bristles (pig hair), or synthetic (usually nylon/polyester) brushes with marked bristle tips. For water-based varnishes, only synthetic bristles can be used, as water will spread the natural bristles. For general work, use a chisel edge brush. Belt brush is more suitable for entering corners and detail areas. Avoid painting with square brushes.

Avoid using cheap brushes, which will not apply varnish well and may leave stray bristles in the finish. A good-quality brush that has been well cleaned and maintained can be used for a long time.

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