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What are the Differences in The Construction Specifications for Oil-Cleaning and Oil-Mixing on the Surface?

Oct. 20, 2021

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Construction specification for cleaning and painting

Sanding the base layer is an important process for varnishing. The dust, oil and other impurities on the surface of the wood should be removed first.

Lubricating oil powder is also an important process for varnishing. During construction, use cotton silk dipped in oil powder to smear the surface of the wood, rub it back and forth with your hands, and rub the oil powder into the holes of the wood.

Paint Brush

Paint Brush

When applying clean oil, hold the oil brush in a relaxed and natural hand, and use your fingers lightly to ensure that the brush does not become loose or fall off when moving.

When brushing, follow the requirements of dipping more times, dipping less oil each time, working diligently, and brushing smoothly, in the order of up and down, difficult and easy, left and right, inside and outside, and horizontal brushing. Construction of vertical smooth operation method.

Construction specification for mixed oil on wooden surface

In the grassroots treatment, in addition to cleaning the debris at the grassroots level, local putty inlay should also be carried out, and the sandpaper should be polished along the wood grain.

Before painting the surface layer, use paint flakes (shellac paint) to back cover the knots with large color difference and wood grease. Dry oil or clear oil should be applied to the base layer, and all parts of the dry oil layer should be evenly brushed, and the brush should not be missed.

After the base oil is dry, scrape the putty for the first time, sand it with hand-made sandpaper after it dries, and then make up the high-strength putty. When brushing the surface paint, sand it with fine sandpaper first.


The basic treatment should be constructed as required to ensure that the surface paint will not fail.

Clean up the surrounding environment to prevent dust from flying.

Because paints are all toxic and have a strong stimulating effect on the respiratory tract, we must pay attention to ventilation during construction.

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