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What Are Paint Rollers Called? Types of Paint Rollers Explained

Apr. 10, 2024

There are five main types of paint rollers to choose from: manual rollers, pad rollers, textured rollers, specialty rollers and mini hot dog rollers. Each type has advantages and disadvantages, and each is suitable for a specific painting project.


The cost of the roller, like the cost of paint, can significantly impact the outcome of your painting project. While some painters opt for single-use rollers, others prefer investing in higher-quality, reusable ones that can be cleaned and used multiple times.


It's important to note that the effectiveness of a roller depends greatly on the frame it's attached to. Ensure the frame is clean, in good condition, and that the roller fits securely onto it. Using a quick-release frame can also streamline cleanup once the project is complete.


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Different Types of Paint Rollers


1. Manual Rollers


Manual paint rollers stand as the predominant choice among paint rollers. Primarily designed for painting walls and ceilings, these rollers come equipped with handle connectors for extending their reach.


With their elongated handles, manual rollers prove particularly handy for painting elevated surfaces. In fact, with a sufficiently long extension pole, they can even paint ceilings without necessitating a ladder. However, one potential drawback of this type of roller is its tendency to produce noticeable paint drips when applying a slightly excessive amount of paint.


2. Pad Rollers


Pad rollers offer a specialized approach for painting decorative lines and edges with precision. Utilizing a flat, highly absorbent pad, this unique roller applies paint in smooth, straight strokes. Small wheels on the edges assist in maintaining clean and precise paint application.


In contrast to other rollers that may cause spillage due to their circular motion, pad rollers remain flat on the surface, minimizing spills and drips. Their flat design allows them to hold more paint compared to other roller types, making them ideal for applying multiple colors onto a single surface.


3.Textured Rollers


Texture rollers are crafted specifically for imparting textured designs onto surfaces during painting. Featuring a unique foam sleeve with intricate patterns etched into it, these rollers apply paint in decorative or patterned strokes onto walls. Some texture rollers are capable of mimicking various patterns, such as wood grain, brick, stone, and tile. Similar to manual rollers, textured rollers are most effective when used on expansive surfaces like walls and ceilings.


4.Specialty Rollers


In addition to standard paint rollers, there are also specialty rollers designed for specific purposes:


- Textured Rollers: These rollers have patterns or textures on their surface, allowing you to create unique finishes such as stippling or brick patterns.

- High-Density Foam Rollers: Ideal for applying glossy paints or varnishes, high-density foam rollers produce a smooth, bubble-free finish.

- Corner Rollers: Shaped to fit into corners and edges, corner rollers make it easier to paint tight spaces without the need for additional brushes.


Textured paints like suede, stone, and lightweight plaster typically come with specialized rollers recommended by manufacturers for optimal application. These textured paint rollers are specifically tailored to handle such paints, resulting in minimal splatter during use. Due to the often thick consistency of textured paints, these rollers are designed to be highly absorbent to ensure efficient paint application.


5.Mini Hot Dog Rollers


The Mini Hot Dog Roller, a compact paint roller, is gaining increasing popularity. Aptly named for its resemblance to a hot dog, this unique tool is perfect for reaching inaccessible areas during painting tasks. It excels at painting surfaces concealed behind bulky fixtures like sinks and toilets.


Moreover, the Mini Hot Dog Roller proves invaluable for painting cabinets, shelves, and roll-up doors. It is also compatible with trim and pad rollers. However, due to its size and shape, excessive paint application can lead to considerable spillage with the Mini Hot Dog Roller.

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