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The Benefits of a Microfibre Paint Roller

May. 16, 2024

Are you tired of paint roller fuzz being left behind when you’re painting? If so, try using a microfiber paint roller. Microfiber rollers have tiny fibers that grab onto the paint, ensuring no fuzz, clean walls, and a crisp finish.


In this blog post, we'll discuss the benefits of using a microfiber paint roller and explain why they’re better than other types of paint rollers.


What is Microfiber Paint Roller


Microfiber paint rollers are made of woven fibers that are usually a blend of polyester and nylon. They are popular with professional painters because they are lint-free, economical, and can be used repeatedly. Microfiber rollers can hold up to three times more paint than a standard roller cover and are best suited for projects that require a smooth finish. They can be used on a variety of surfaces, including interior ceilings and walls, trim, wood, furniture, radiators, doors, MDF, skirting boards, and feature walls. Microfiber rollers work with all paints, enamel, and sheens, but are best with semi-gloss and high-gloss finishes.


Microfiber Paint Roller

Foam Rollers Vs Microfibre Rollers – What's the difference?


There are several types of paint rollers you can use for painting, with foam rollers and synthetic rollers being the most common. Two synthetic rollers we specialize in are microfiber and dacron paint rollers.


Foam rollers have a sponge-like material at their core that soaks up paint, allowing you to apply it to various surfaces. While they are budget-friendly and cheaper to purchase, foam paint rollers aren’t suitable for all types of painting jobs. They are best used with thinner paints for short-term use. Foam rollers are prone to streaking, inconsistent finishes, and leaving little bubbles, which can result in lower-quality outcomes. As meticulous painters ourselves, we understand the difference between using a foam roller and a microfiber roller, and we specialize in microfiber rollers for a reason.


Synthetic rollers, such as microfiber rollers, are made of synthetic fibers similar to traditional tightly-woven cloths, making them extremely durable and versatile. High-quality microfiber rollers, like those from Two Fussy Blokes, offer a superior painting experience. Unlike natural materials like wool or cotton, the fabric in these synthetic rollers is made of plastic. This makes them more durable, suitable for both beginner and professional painters, and able to withstand longer use without breaking down or needing frequent replacements, unlike foam rollers.


However, it’s important to note that not all synthetic rollers are created equal. While all microfiber rollers are made of synthetic fibers, not all synthetic rollers are microfiber rollers. Other synthetic paint rollers include those made with polyester, nylon, and other synthetic fibers.


These other synthetic paint rollers differ from microfiber ones in several ways. Though they are made with similar materials, they have larger fibers that are more prone to breakage and can leave synthetic fuzz on surfaces after painting. Microfiber paint rollers, on the other hand, are made with tiny fibers that effectively grab onto the paint, last longer due to their smaller and stronger fibers, and reduce lint shedding during your paint job, resulting in a smoother, more stunning finish.


What Makes Microfibre Paint Rollers Better?


Microfiber is a type of material composed of very small fibers woven together, typically using a polyester/nylon blend. This construction creates a highly absorbent surface area, allowing microfiber to soak up liquids like water or paint into its fabric. When you apply paint using a microfiber roller, it tends to leave a smoother finish with less visible pattern compared to other roller materials.


Microfiber rollers offer not only superior paint application but also ease of use. They require less effort to use, resulting in less strain on your hands during painting tasks. Additionally, microfiber rollers effectively grab onto paint and consistently release it onto the surface with each stroke, ensuring even coverage and minimizing the need for touch-ups.


Opting for a high-quality microfiber paint roller, such as those offered by Two Fussy Blokes, can further enhance your painting experience. Premium microfiber rollers provide more coverage per square foot painted, reducing the time spent on painting and achieving beautiful, consistent results more efficiently. When selecting a microfiber roller, it's advisable to consult with your microfiber roller supplier to ensure you choose the one that best suits your needs.


Microfibre paint rollers also have the following other benefits:


1. Easy to Clean:


Microfiber rollers are easy to clean! Simply wash them in warm water without detergent or fabric softener. Be sure not to use water that is too hot, and always follow the product's recommended cleaning instructions to avoid damaging the fibers and ensure the roller can be reused.


2. Reduced Splatter:


Thanks to the efficient paint release facilitated by the smaller fibers in microfiber rollers, they tend to produce less splatter compared to other types of paint rollers. This results in a smaller cleanup task after painting and a faster overall painting experience for everyone involved.

Microfiber Paint Roller

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