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What Should I do If the Wall Color Needs to be Changed?

Jan. 08, 2021

As a Painting Tools Manufacturer, share with you.

If you want to change the color, can you brush the putty directly, or scrape the putty directly without sanding, will the layer peel off?

1. If the original latex paint wall does not show too much cracks or peeling, only the inner wall surface can be painted directly.

2. If the original wall surface has quality problems, the original wall surface must be cleaned before painting. For example, if there is a crack, if the wall peels off, it may be caused by water seepage on the wall. This problem is more serious. You need to remove all the walls before rebuilding.

Paint Brush

Paint Brush

The primer must be evenly brushed to ensure that every part of the wall is painted. If the wall has a large amount of paint, it is best to add a little more water to the primer to ensure that it can be painted evenly.

Don't think that it is enough to use a near roller because it is a primer. The effect of the primer will directly affect the effect of the topcoat. Use a roller with the same texture as the topcoat.

Extended information

Tips for choosing wall paint

① The space where a family often gathers should choose paint with good pollution resistance, aging resistance and color retention.

② The south should choose the paint with good moisture-proof and mildew resistance; the north should choose the paint with good low-temperature construction ability.

③ Choose according to your own requirements. Children with children at home can choose children's paint.

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