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Which Method of Wall Paint is Better?

Mar. 18, 2020

Wall decoration accounts for a large proportion, and the wall is often the focus of a home. It can be said that the color of the wall is the background color of the entire home decoration, and the interior furniture and other items in the later period must be based on this wall background color. Color matching. If the wall decoration is good, it can not only enhance the style of the entire home decoration, but also make the home environment more beautiful. The wall decoration process needs to be painted, especially for families who choose to use latex paint to decorate the wall, the painting process of the paint is even more important. At present, there are three main ways of painting wall paint, which are brush painting, roller painting and spray painting. Different brushing methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. This has also caused many people not to know how to choose. So, which one is better, brushing, rolling or spraying? Let's work with Painting Tools Manufacturer to find out.

Paint Roller

Paint Roller

Brushing method

The brushing method is the earliest and most traditional method used by Bristle Paint Brush. This method can save the cost of paint and coating, and is suitable for a variety of wall surfaces.

Advantages: The method of brushing paint is the simplest one, which is very convenient to operate, and is suitable for small-area special-shaped basement brushing and local repair. At the same time, the loss of paint is relatively small, which can greatly save the cost of paint and coating. In addition, the brushing method can allow the paint to penetrate into the wall surface better, which can increase the adhesion to the painted surface.

Disadvantages: The painting method is to use a tool such as a brush to apply paint to the wall. Although this painting method is simple, it is too labor-intensive for the construction master as a whole, and the construction efficiency is also Very low, so it is not suitable for some quick-drying coatings.

Roll coating method

The roller coating method is still used in the current wall decoration. The Paint Roller is used to paint the wall back and forth. Compared with the brush coating method, it will be easier and more convenient.

Advantages: The roller coating method can make the coating easily penetrate into the pores on the surface of the coated object, which can enhance the adhesion to the coated surface to a certain extent, and the loss of the coating is relatively small. At the same time, compared with brush painting, the construction efficiency has also been improved a lot, which can speed up the entire construction process.

Disadvantages: To a certain extent, the two operation methods of roller coating and brush coating are similar, and they are not suitable for some quick-drying paints, otherwise it will cause traces on the wall and affect the overall appearance. If the skills of the construction master are lacking, the paint film will also have defects such as rolling brush marks, sagging and uneven painting.

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