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What should I Pay Attention to When Painting with Spring Paint?

Mar. 26, 2020

With the advent of spring, many people choose to decorate their houses. Painting and decorating the house is an indispensable part. So what should be paid attention to when painting in spring?

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Paint Brush

Paint Brush

1. When painting indoors, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the boards. Some families stack wood and boards outdoors, and there is more rain in spring and the air is extremely humid. Even if the boards are dry on the surface, the interior is moist. It is easy to crack and deform when painting the decoration.

2. During the spring decoration, you should also pay attention to the proportion of cement paste when tiles are paved. Because the air in the spring is relatively humid, the ratio of cement to yellow sand should not be less than 1: 1.5, otherwise some inferior tiles are prone to cracking.

3. During the spring decoration, not only the proportion of cement and yellow sand should be paid attention to, but also the time of immersion of the tiles. Because the spring is relatively dry, especially in the room where the spring breeze is often blown, the wall is dry and absorbs water quickly, so we should moderately sprinkle the water on the wall before applying the tiles, and adjust the degree of tile soaking according to the different materials. Prevent tiles from drying and shrinking too quickly after being placed on the wall to maintain the setting strength of the cement.

4. In spring, the wall often blown by the spring breeze is relatively dry, so when painting the wall with Paint Brush, pay attention to the proportion of paint to ensure the adhesion between the paint and the wall, and paint the wall When the water is on the ground, spray water frequently to prevent pitting or small particles on the surface of the oil.

5. Spring is a dry season, so it is necessary to pay attention to the humidity in the interior when decorating the interior. When the wall surface is scraped, the doors and windows (door and window decoration renderings) are not easy to open. If the indoor air is too harsh, you can Open properly, not often. When debugging large white materials, the proportion of gypsum powder must be increased to enhance the adhesion of large white to prevent cracking.

6. When installing the gypsum board, the joints between the gypsum board and the gypsum board need special treatment. The filling of the caulking gypsum needs to be reapplied twice. It is best to paste the bandage twice and use milky white glue to prevent cracking.

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