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When choose common roller covers you need know

May. 16, 2017

We will see many common paint roller covers in our daily life. While do you know the choice of roller covers?

paint roller cover

1. Inexpensive Synthetic fiber paint covers are a perfect solution for oil-base paints and primers. Although these covers matte down very easily, they are cheaper. Cleaning these covers can be very difficult and expensive when using paint thinner or other solvents. A better solution is not to clean the cover. Allow it to dry completely before discarding in the trash.

2. Lamb's wool roller covers hold more paint and produce less splatter than most synthetic covers. These covers are perfect for water base paints and primers. Some people claim that the alkaline compounds in Acrylic or Latex paint will damage the cover, I disagree. Crowder Painting has used premium lamb's wool covers for many years without any problems.Remember to clean the cover immediately after use with warm water, mild dish soap and spin dry. Never allow the cover to soak in water for days.

3. Mohair paint roller covers are the perfect choice for very smooth surfaces, such as doors. These covers work great with all types of paint and even varnish. Although typically used with oil base enamels.

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