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What are natural bristle brushes?

Jun. 10, 2017

Cohwa Brush manufactures natural bristle brushes from numerous natural fibers. Some of the most common natural bristle materials are:

Natural Bristle Corn Brooms

Corn brooms are built to our quality specifications for professional performance and durability. Constructed of 100% corn fiber.

Tampico Bristle Brushes

Tampico fiber is produced in Mexico from the stalk of the Agave plant. Has a soft to medium texture and is off white in color. It is often dyed and blended to give the desired effects to a brush. It is heat, alkali, and acid resistant. The porous fibers absorb water and work wet or dry. More aggressive than nylon or horsehair. Used for removing surface particles and tool marks, dusting, wet scrubbing, cleaning, and spreading liquids. Excellent for removing light feather burrs and for light edge blending when used with a compound. Heat distortion temperature is 283° F.

Horsehair Bristle Brushes

Horsehair is a medium to high cost material. Tail hair is stiffer than mane hair. Its soft to slightly stiff texture gives a scratch-free dry cleaning and has very good durability. Not resistant to acids or alkalis. Used for buffing, cleaning, dusters, and window brushes, excellent for ESD applications. Heat distortion temperature is 380° F.

Hog Bristle Brushes

Hog bristles are relatively scarce and expensive. This material has characteristics that set it apart as the best natural filling material for a wide variety of brushes. Each strand of bristle has a natural taper from the butt or flesh end to the tip, giving it resilience not found in other hairs. In addition, the tip end of each bristle is naturally split into two or more branches called the flag. Hog bristle has a slightly stiff to very stiff texture and is brown or black in color excellent for ESD applications. It has excellent durability and water resistance.

Goat Hair Brushes

A very fine hair with limited elasticity. It has a natural kink that cannot be straightened. Used for short, soft brushes like cosmetic brushes. Available at Gordon Brush in natural black and white, and dyed in blue, brown gold, green, gray, and purple.

Red Sable Brushes

The hair of the red sable is the most valuable of all soft hairs. It is very fine, has strong, sharp points and great elasticity and carries color well. Red sable hair makes the finest artists' brushes, being particularly suited for use with Japan colors, oil colors and heavy-bodied sign-writing materials, and is best for fine lettering. Pure red sable hair has a perpetual taper, creating the finest point possible.

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