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6 Recommendations for Wall Decoration to Reduce Paint Wear and Tear

Jul. 07, 2019

As a Painting Tools Manufacturer, we have the following recommendations for reducing wall wear and tear on wall finishes.

(1) Materials

For the first time to prepare for the renovation, the calculation of the required materials, resulting in the use of the paint can not be used, and finally can only be idle, resulting in wear and waste. If the decoration selected is the way of contracting and not including materials, most of the paints and coatings are purchased by the owner. When the calculation fails to buy too much paint, and all the seals are opened, the endless paint will cause a lot of damage. Waste and wear and tear.

(2) The rough surface of the wall

The roughness of the surface of the base layer is an important factor in determining the amount of loss of the primer. The rougher the wall to be coated, the greater the loss of paint. For projects requiring multiple layers of construction, the smoothness of each layer of paint and the smoothing effect of sandpaper after construction will also have a direct impact on subsequent coating construction wear and tear.

(3) Improper wall painting method

At present, the coating methods of paint generally include brush coating, roll coating, conventional air spraying, and high-pressure airless spraying. Although the method of using high-pressure airless spraying is relatively fast, the wear of the coating is much greater than that of conventional air spraying, brushing and roller coating.

Microfiber Paint Roller

Microfiber Paint Roller

(4) improper selection of construction equipment

When using the spraying method, the different selection of the nozzle will also affect the degree of wear of the coating. In order to meet the requirements of the tight construction schedule, the construction unit or the constructor can achieve higher spraying efficiency and may use a larger spray nozzle to cause waste of paint usage. You can use the Microfiber Paint Roller for painting.

(5) Environmental factors

Various environments around the construction also affect coating loss to varying degrees. In windy outdoor locations, paint losses are clearly higher relative to well-ventilated and relatively closed workshops.

(6) The level of operation of the constructor

Due to the different levels of operation of the individual, different construction operators may have different levels of construction loss during construction, especially in projects that require a large amount of construction.

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