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Brushing Step Introduction

Jul. 11, 2019

We all know that we have to pay attention to the skills and methods of doing anything, and the things we do will be more perfect. In the process of our renovation, we will encounter the problem of painting steps. Some people will do it because of the wrong way. Natural Paint Brush Supplier and everyone talk about the painting steps. Let people who want to paint themselves learn the tricks and try to make the paint brush more smooth and delicate. The overall effect is better and there is a stunning visual experience.

Brushing Step 1: Prepare for work. Connect the door, window frame, furniture and paint to the color separation paper. Furniture such as wooden cabinets and partitions should be sealed with newspapers to prevent the paint from dripping and staining the furniture.

Brushing Step 2: Toning. For walls with color requirements, the area should be accurately calculated in advance, and the paint should be evenly distributed at one time. Then it is primed to prevent the wall from stagnation, to make the topcoat evenly and to prevent the water stains on the wood.

Microfiber Paint Roller

Brushing Step 3: Roller construction. The order of topcoat construction: first ceiling, lines, rear wall. The paint on the wall should be at least twice. The first coat can be filled with water to facilitate the absorption of the wall. The second coat can be filled with no water, and there is a certain interval between the first coat and the coating. Apply the paint evenly to the wall with a thick roller, then use the Microfiber Paint Roller to brush the area where the thick roller is brushed, and then make the wall paint fine and brush out the desired pattern.

Brush paint step four: brush construction. Use a brush to repaint the wall and corners where the brush is missing.

Brushing Step 5: Polish the wall. When the wall paint is dry, sand the wall with sandpaper to reduce the wall brush marks and make the wall surface smoother. When grinding, be careful to feel the smoothness of the wall from time to time to determine where it needs to be polished. It should be noted that when sanding, use finer sandpaper as much as possible. Thoroughly clean the wall after polishing.

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