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How to Paint Furniture?

Jul. 17, 2019

Natural Paint Brush Supplier teaches you how to paint your furniture.

Use a coarse to fine sandpaper to sand the workpiece for a smoother surface.

Scrape the woodwork putty on the workpiece to get a better feel.

By performing a bottom coloring process on the workpiece, a desired color can be obtained.

The first pass uses brushing to increase the penetration depth of the wood wax oil and the construction speed is fast.

The second pass uses a wiping method to save energy.

After the second or last pass (about 1 hour in summer and about 2 hours in winter), the surface of the workpiece is immediately wiped with a clean cotton cloth to obtain a smooth effect.

Increase the number of times of rubbing, and polish it with fine sandpaper one by one, and finally use the method of thin rubbing + surface drying and wiping to obtain the effect of high-grade furniture.

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Wall patch: In order to prevent cracks on the wall surface, the non-bearing wall must be patched.

Wall lining: Wall lining is an alternative to 821 putty and is a material that must be used on the base of the wall.

Primer: The primer has the function of moisture proof and mildew proof. It must be brushed first and then painted.

Color: When choosing the color of the paint according to the color card of the building materials market, it is best to choose the color that is lighter than the color card. The actual brushing effect is the effect you want.

Spraying: The effect of spraying is better than the brush of the worker's hand, but it is more material.

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