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How to Use the Paint?

Jul. 22, 2019

As a Flat Paint Brush Supplier, let's talk about how to use furniture paint.

1. Apply a varnish to protect the primer. Apply a varnish to the primer. Before brushing the varnish, clean the surface and brush the primer. The primer is usually topcoat.

2. Clean up the surface dust and dirt, and polish the wood strip with sandpaper.

3. Brush the first coat, dry it, mix it with toner + cooked rubber powder + double fly powder, cover up the tree shrub, and mix it with the same color, dry it and sand it with sandpaper.

Polyester Paint Roller

Polyester Paint Roller

4. Brush the second coat and dry it with fine sandpaper. A special primer can also be used.

5. Wipe the surface of the wood and sand the surface with sandpaper, commonly known as water mill.

6. Brush the last coat.

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