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Brushing Points to Keep in Mind

Jul. 27, 2019

The newly made furniture is generally true in color and looks very rough and very unattractive. However, after painting, the aesthetics of the furniture will be greatly improved, and the furniture can be well protected and the service life of the furniture can be extended. It is not difficult to paint furniture. You don't need a professional person. You can buy it especially with tools. In the process of painting furniture, some tips and precautions should be paid attention to. The following Painting Tools Manufacturer will bring you together to understand.

Furnished with mirrors or glass, you can paste them with strips or newspapers to avoid paint. Apply the recessed portion from the inside out to the edge and avoid dripping paint at the edges. First brush the hidden position, such as the inside of the cabinet, and then brush the surface. Do not be too impatient when painting, should be slowly brushed in order to prevent bubbles, and if there are bubbles, break immediately.

Ensure that the construction environment is clean. If the surrounding area is not clean enough when painting, the dust in the air will cause the paint surface to feel grainy and not smooth. Essential items for painting: tape, paint brush, mask (to reduce harmful gases inhaled), glasses (to prevent paint from dripping into the eyes).

Nylon Paint Brush

Generally, it is brushed three times, and the brushing method is used to increase the penetration depth of the wood wax oil. After brushing, it is slowly dried, and then brushed again by using the rubbing method, which can save the amount, then dry and then brush. Immediately after drying, wipe the surface of the workpiece with a clean cotton cloth to make the surface of the furniture smoother. In addition, increase the number of times of rubbing, and sanding with fine sandpaper one by one, you can get the effect of high-grade furniture.

When brushing wood lacquer, adjusting the primer is a very important process. The primer should also know the density of the wood. The harder wood is denser, the primer can be thinner, and the soft wood bottom. The paint will be thicker and thicker. When starting to paint, it should be evenly painted along the grain of the wood. Don't paint it too thick. After the wood paint is completely dry, sand it with sandpaper. After polishing it, feel it smooth and there is no protrusion. Then wipe it with a soft damp cloth several times and wipe dry. The use of brush coating can make the penetration depth of wood wax oil more, and also accelerate the construction speed.

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