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Common Problems with Brushing

Aug. 10, 2019

As a Natural Paint Brush Supplier, let's share with you the common problems of painting.

First, paint peeling:

It may be because the surface is too smooth. If the original paint is lacquered or powdery, the new paint will not stick to the surface. A small area of paint peeling off, can be polished with fine gauze paper, then put on putty, brush the primer, and then repaint. Large areas of peeling must be stripped of the paint and repainted.

Second, paint blistering:

First, the bubble is broken. If there is water, it means that there is moisture infiltration under the paint layer. After the sun shines, the water evaporates into steam, and the paint skin is foamed. At this point, first remove the running paint with a hot air spray gun, let the wood dry naturally, then apply the primer with Nylon Paint Brush, and then repaint the entire repair surface. If there is no water in the bubble, it may be cracked in the wood, there is a small amount of air inside, the sun is swollen, the air expands, and the patent leather bulges. In the face of this situation, first scrape off the foamed patent leather, then fill the crack with a resin filler, repaint, or do not use filler, directly apply microporous paint after scraping off the patent leather.

Quality Flat Paint Brush

Quality Flat Paint Brush

Third, cracks appear:

In this case, it is necessary to remove the paint with a chemical paint remover or a hot air spray gun before repainting. If the fracture range is not large, you can use sanding block or wet sandpaper to wet the water, grind off the broken paint, after the surface is smoothed, put on the putty, brush the primer, and then repaint.

Fourth, paint hooligans:

If the paint is too thick at a time, it will cause runny. The paint can be dried and the paint is opened with the Quality Flat Paint Brush. If the paint has begun to dry, wait until it is dry. Smooth the surface with a fine gauze paper, brush the surface clean, then wipe it with a damp cloth, then re-coat the outer layer, taking care not to brush too thick.

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