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Experts Teach You How to Paint Properly

Aug. 19, 2019

Now there are many kinds of paints on the market, so we must pay attention to the paint when it is selected, otherwise the inferior paint will have a strong irritating smell. In life, wardrobes, tables, and coffee tables are indispensable furniture, and all of these furniture have a feature, that is, they must be painted. It may not be necessary to paint ourselves when we buy it, but after a long time of use, the paint of the furniture will fall off, and it will need to be repainted. Today, Natural Paint Brush Manufacturer will introduce you to the steps of furniture brush painting?

Keep the furniture dealer's dust and dirt clear and keep the furniture surface clean. Then, the defects such as burrs and cracks on the surface of the wood base layer are trimmed, and the corners are polished with sandpaper. Use oily putty or transparent putty to scrape the surface of the furniture and make up the putty, then polish it with coarse sandpaper, wait for the paint to dry, then fill the putty for the second time and polish it with fine sandpaper. Paint and replenish the putty. After the paint is dry, polish it with fine sandpaper and clean the dust and stains on the surface of the furniture. Then paint the second time, grind and repair with water sand. Finally, the third time the paint is finished. 

Quality Flat Paint Brush

Quality Flat Paint Brush

If the dark paint is prone to color difference, try not to participate in the water; the paint is finished once, otherwise the color difference will easily occur. In winter or wet weather, paint is not easy to dry, it is not suitable to paint, otherwise it will affect the overall construction quality. Pay attention to indoor ventilation and heat dissipation, and polish the paint and paint before it is completely dry. After brushing the paint again, the painted Quality Flat Paint Brush should be soaked in water before waiting to dry. Check if there is any air bubbles in the place where the paint has been painted. If possible, break the air bubbles in time.

Furniture brush paint is often only for old furniture, our furniture is off paint, and we don't want to find a worker to spend money, so we can use Bristle Brush For Painting to paint it. The step of painting the furniture brush is the above-mentioned steps. The key is to do the finishing work. Do not leave some ugly paint spots on the house.

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