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7 Painting Skills That Artists Must Master

Jul. 03, 2019

A certain understanding of tones, colors, textures, strokes and composition can help you create your own masterpiece with confidence. Wood Handle Paint Brushes Supplier provides you with seven basic painting techniques for painting, which allows you to paint like a professional in a short time.

1. Primer

Paint from thin to thick, especially when using dry, dry paint.

When the artist is using oil paint or acrylate, never use white. It is a primer used to create shadows and values when mixing Siena and phthalate blue. The use of acrylates at this stage may be the best medium because they are fast drying and permanent.

2. Paint blockage

Brushes come in a variety of shapes and fiber types.

Brushes come in many different shapes and different fiber types, all of which give very different results. The key is that the most cost-effective way to paint is a synthetic brush - a sable brush. For most different paint types, the brush is divided into two types, Flat Paint Brush and round, both of which have a choice.

3. Construction texture

There is a dry, flat brush that you can use to mix your paint and create a smooth transition. And I tend to texture and like to see brush marks in my own work. Almost anything can be used to add texture to your paint. There are ready-made texture media, but I have seen more interesting materials, such as eggshells and sand, to increase the interest in painting.

Painting Tools

4. Dry brush

This is a technique for applying color, but only partially covers the previously dried paint layer. Add a little paint to your brush and apply it in a quick stroke.

This method works best when used in dark areas/dry paint and is useful for describing textures of rocks and grass.

5. Sgrafito (graffiti)

It is important to remove paint and paint. Graffiti (Sgraffito) is the term you use to scratch off the paint when it is wet and to expose the primer. It is especially useful for depicting scratches, hair, herbs, and more.

6. Glazing

Glazing is the process of applying a layer of clear paint to the dry part of the paint to enhance shadows and adjust color. The light blue color is on the dry yellow color. The combination of the two will create green. Is it amazing?

7. Painting with media

The media can be liquid and then added to the paint to adjust its consistency, which also helps to speed up drying time and sharpen the texture. In the case of acrylate pigments, you can use different media to make different changes in the gloss or gloss of the paint. However, I prefer to use matte media, mainly to seal my paper or cardboard, and the paint will not immerse into it.

I hope these little sisters can help you. For more information on Painting Tools, please follow our website, https://cohwabrush.com/

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