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Do You Know How to Paint?

Jun. 29, 2019

Paint and paint is one of the necessary materials for home decoration, especially the paint on the wall is very important, not only can make the home space more beautiful and beautiful, but also cover some flaws in construction. Many new owners don't understand the construction steps of wall paints, so how do you paint them? Let's take a look at Natural Paint Brush Supplier!

1. Handling the base of the wall

It is very important to treat the wall surface of the wall before painting. Otherwise, it will affect the construction in the later stage. Before painting, the base layer must be smooth and clean. For uneven places, leveling and cleaning should be carried out. There are still more than five years old house, putty still needs to be eradicated.

2. Brushing interface agent

The base layer of the wall is well treated, and the next step is to brush the interface agent. The interface agent can enhance the adhesion of the base layer and must be uniform when applied.

3. Waterproof treatment

The waterproof treatment is mainly for the two wet areas, which are easy to wet, to prevent water leakage in the later stage. It is recommended to pay attention to the proportion of their preparation before applying waterproof materials.

4. Anti-crack treatment

If the old house is refurbished, some will encounter cracks in the wall. At this time, it is necessary to put a piece of kraft paper, mesh cloth and other materials on the crack in the wall for repair. Doing so will affect the later use of the Quality Flat Paint Brush.

Quality Flat Paint Brush

5. Batch putty

The basic problem of the wall is handled. Next, you need to brush the putty, which can be configured according to the mixing instructions on the putty powder package. Stir as much as possible, and then put it for more than ten or twenty minutes to start brushing, which is better.

6. Putty steps

After the putty is dried, it can be scraped with a scraper or a spatula. When scraping, try to apply force evenly and in one step. Do not repeat scraping. The new house has twice the amount of putty, and the old house is the best three times.

7. Sanding paper

After the putty is finished, after the putty is dried, it will be found that some places are not evenly scraped. In this case, sandpaper is needed for sanding. The grinding sequence should be close to the center from the surrounding, and the strength of the grinding should be controlled, otherwise the putty will be worn through.

8. Apply the primer

Putty is polished, then the primer is applied. When brushing the primer, make sure to brush it everywhere. You can add a little water when brushing the primer, so that the brush will be more even. Wait until the paint is dry, and sand it with uneven sand.

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