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Wall Painting Problems and Solutions

Jun. 25, 2019

Paint and paint is one of the necessary materials for home decoration, especially the paint on the wall is very important, not only can make the home space more beautiful and beautiful, but also cover some flaws in construction. Many new owners don't understand the construction steps of wall paints, so how do you paint them? Let's take a look at it with Wood Handle Paint Brushes Supplier!

Common problems and solutions for wall painting:

1. Paint peeling off:

The surface of the new paint is not sticky enough, and it may be due to the poor quality of the paint. Can only be peeled off again and repainted.

2. Paint blistering:

When it comes to paint blistering, it is recommended to scrape off the foamed patent leather first, then fill the crack with a resin filler, repaint or scrape off the patent leather and apply the microporous paint directly.

Nylon Paint Brush

3. Cracks appear:

If cracks appear on the paint surface, it is recommended to remove the paint by chemical paint remover or hot air spray gun. If the crack range is not large, you can use sandpaper to wet the water, grind the cracked paint, then smooth the surface, apply putty, brush the primer and repaint.

4. Paint hooligans:

If the paint is too thick at one time, it will cause the paint to flow. Before the paint can be dried, use Nylon Paint Brush to brush the paint. If the paint has dried out, wait for it to dry out, then smooth the paint with a fine sandpaper, then wipe it off with a damp cloth and repaint.

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