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The tips of buying and maintaining lambswool paint roller

Oct. 17, 2016

Lambswool paint roller is seen everywhere. Today I would like to tell you some tips of buying and maintaining it.

wool paint roller

1. The selection of wool paint roller:

Wool roller requires neat, feel good, no broken hairs and hair roots firmly fixed inverted brush, lint-free solvent stick swinging barnyard brush.

2. New paintbrushes custody

New paint brush bristles before use in the roots penetrate shellac or polyurethane varnish, etc., can play a fixed role can also be added on both sides of the iron nail a few small nails to enhance the root of the bristles firmly to prevent hair loss when used paint brushes.

3. The subsequent custody wool brush painting:

The preservation of paintbrushes in active use, you must first remove the water, solvents, etc. (especially water) to avoid adverse effects on the brush application, so that the film surface defects, reduce film decorative effect and protection.

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