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How to paint a room like a pro(2)

Oct. 31, 2016

After you get all paint roller set, you begin to consider how to pain. Last news I tell you some steps, now I will continue tell you the remaining.

Prep the room for painting

Got your paint all set? Hold on, partner -- you still have some more prep to do. Start by covering any remaining furniture and the floors with plastic tarps or sheets you don't mind ruining, and don't be stingy.

"Be sure to cover the whole floor, rather than moving a painter's cloth around the room where you're painting," says Siever. Moving a dropcloth will interrupt the painting process, which is not good if you want a seamless paint job. Plus, it may get folded and end up smearing paint on the surfaces you're trying to protect.

Next, run painters tape along the edge where the wall meets the ceiling, making sure the corners are fully covered. Then clean the walls; the cleaner the surface, the smoother your new paint job will be.

"Clean dirt off with TSP (trisodium phosphate) or any other residue-free cleaner," says Siever. "For painting over glossy paints or surfaces, sand lightly with 220 grit for better adhesion."

Paint the room

It's finally time to paint! Just make sure you do the edges first, top to bottom, with a foam brush. Once you're ready to work on the main part of the wall, use a roller and apply gentle pressure. Keep it slow and steady.

"Rolling too fast will spray paint around the room," says Siever.

And don't stop or move to another section before you reach the borders you painted earlier.

"When you are painting a wall you need to keep a wet edge. Do not stop in the middle of a wall," says Siever. If you stop and come back later, you'll end up with uneven patches.

Once you're done, leave it be. Wait for the manufacturer-recommended amount of time before touching the wall or removing the painters tape. We know you're eager to see your fantastic paint job, but jumping the gun will cause smudges. Wait it out for the best results.

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