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Paint brushes are as the same important as expensive paint

Dec. 28, 2016

Even the nicest, most expensive homes are protected by a skin less than a millimeter thick. Ah, the miracle of paint.

China Paint Brushes

While paint can be expensive, don't be afraid to invest some money in to your paint brushes, either. The right brush can make big difference in the smoothness of your coat, and properly maintained, brushes can last for many years. If you're using an acrylic latex paint, you'll want a brush with nylon and polyester filaments. That are nylon paint brush and polyester paint roller. The bristles should be of uneven lengths in order to maximize paint holding. The bristles should also be chiseled: the bristles on the inside of the brush are longer than those on the outside. A 5" straight brush and an angled trim or sash brush for borders and edgings should see you through painting your house. If you have to paint ornate metal work or porch railings, consider a lamb's wool glove applicator.

You'll also probably need a ladder, one that can telescope up to everywhere you need to reach, and support enough weight for both you and your gear.

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