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Choosing the Best Paint brush

Jul. 09, 2018

Paint Brushes China have traditionally been made with animal hair. The best are made with hair from the kolinsky sable, a species of weasel native to Asia. Other animals whose hair is used to make paintbrushes include the red sable, ox, camel, pony, goat, mongoose, squirrel, badger and hog. Some of these animals are more rare or difficult to obtain, so their hair is more expensive. For example, the fitch, sable and mongoose are all wild animals that have to be trapped, whereas the ox and the goat are domesticated animals.Quality roller brush are a blend of rare and less expensive varieties of hair. One common combination is sable and ox hair brushes. Synthetic bristles made from nylon filament or polyester are also quite common. These synthetic fibers usually mimic the look and feel of animal hair, so they are often referred to as synthetic bristle, synthetic sable, etc.

Paint Brushes China

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