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Can I Paint the Wall Directly?

Dec. 08, 2020

As a Painting Tools Manufacturer, share with you.

1. If the original latex paint bai does not have too much cracks or peeling, it is just that the surface of the wall dao is old, you can paint it directly.

2. If there are quality problems with the original wall, the original wall must be cleaned before painting. For example, if there is a crack, first remove 10cm wide on both sides of the crack. After cleaning the removed area, paste the "polyester" cloth with 108 glue, level it with plaster, and finally paint the color to be changed. If the wall peels off, it may be caused by water seepage on the wall. This problem is more serious. You need to remove all the walls before rebuilding.

Polyester Paint Roller

Polyester Paint Roller

What is the method of painting cement walls?

1. The surface of the new batch of cement mortar and concrete needs to go through a period of ventilated and dry maintenance period to allow the wall to be fully dried, so that the water content of the wall is less than 10, and the PH value is less than 10 before construction. Generally, the cement mortar wall should be dried for more than 7 days under the conditions of 25 degrees and relative humidity of 65, and the concrete wall should be dried for more than 21 days. The cast-in-place or precast cement concrete base requires a longer curing period and thoroughly removes the surface release agent.

2. The weathered concrete base, the cement plaster layer with strong water absorption and rough sanding should be primed by wet brushing process. The base layer with severe efflorescence and whitening, remove the crystals with a steel brush, and repeatedly wash with 5 oxalic acid aqueous solution, and then rinse with water.

3. For old coatings that have no load-bearing capacity, looseness, and peeling, they should be thoroughly removed together with the putty, washed and dried, and then leveled with the putty. For the lightly chalked but strong old coating, it can be ground and smoothed with a primer primer. Severely chalked old coatings should be thoroughly cleaned in advance, and old oily coatings should be completely removed.

4. The seriously polluted grassroots should be cleaned. The walls that have been eroded by mold and algae are removed mechanically, or treated with an aqueous solution of bleaching powder, rinsed with water, and leveled after drying. Locally deep grooves should be filled with cement mortar first, and local protrusions should be flattened first. The base wall must be firm and firm before scraping putty, and there should be no defects such as sand, cracks, and looseness.

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