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How to Paint The Cabinet Again?

Aug. 12, 2021

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Polyester Paint Roller

Polyester Paint Roller

1. Determine whether the furniture can be painted with other colors. With the development of industry, the board used for furniture is no longer limited to logs. Commonly used are various woodworking boards, fireproof boards, compression molded boards, etc. Among them, fireproof boards and compression molded furniture are not suitable for paint color change (mainly color change The process is cumbersome).

2. Prepare before changing paint. If it's log furniture, buy some sandpaper, and prepare it for the thickness. If it is not log furniture, you need to buy some extra "putty" for leveling and filling. The choice of paint, due to the different components of the paint, some paints will cause mutual chemical reactions, so you should choose the type of paint that is suitable for your own furniture.

3. Polished. Find a cuboid that can be held by your hand. Wrap one of the relatively flat sides with sandpaper, press it with your hands, and polish it. The order of the direction of polishing the plane is: first horizontal and then vertical. When sanding, go up first, then go down, outside first and then inside. The choice of sandpaper is coarse first and then fine. The corners, shapes, and details of the furniture must be done by hand. ps: Why sanding: On the one hand, it is to remove the impurities on the original paint and paint surface, and on the other hand, it is to increase the adhesion of the new paint.

4. Preparation before painting. After polishing, check whether the furniture is uneven. If there is, use putty to level it and polish it again to a smooth state. Then protect the area around the furniture and the floor to prevent the paint from contaminating these areas. And wipe the furniture with a damp towel with very little water. Stir the bucket of paint evenly with a small stick, and do not move your hands too fast to prevent splashing.

5. Painting with paint. Dip a little paint with a paint brush and apply it to the painted surface of the furniture to see if there is any chemical reaction. If not, proceed to the next step. Then use a brush to spread the paint, spread it out, brush it next to each other, don't brush it one by one. The paint layer should not be thin or thick. If it is thick, there will be water ripples or small bumps formed by the paint. Don't expect to paint the effect and color you want on the first pass. It is recommended to go from the inside to the outside. If the inside is not well painted, no one will see it. If the surface is not well painted, it will be difficult to see. After the first brushing, let it stand for two or three hours, and gently touch the paint surface with the back of your finger to feel dry and non-sticky. Paint it a second time. After the second painting, the paint is thoroughly dried and then dipped in water with very fine water sandpaper to polish the surface. The main thing is to remove water ripples and paint bumps. And prepare for the varnish painting.

6. Paint layer protection Generally, after finishing painting, the furniture should be painted with varnish to protect and brighten the paint layer. The varnish is also applied in the same way as the paint, but the amount of paint stained with each paint brush is less. No matter how many times I waved my wrists to spread the varnish. It is recommended that the varnish is at least twice, if there is a phenomenon of brush shed hair, be sure to deal with the shed hair in time. The varnish is only applied to the surface of the furniture, not the inside. 7. Finishing Be sure to wait for the paint to dry before removing the protection around the furniture, and seal the remaining paint, and place it in a place that is not easy for children to touch.

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