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Teach everyone how to Paint the House Decoration?

Apr. 28, 2020

When you want to paint your own wall paint, you must know how to paint it. As a Mohair Paint Roller Manufacturer, here we share some tips on how to paint the wall, you can learn how to paint the wall paint, and it will come in handy when we paint ourselves.

Mohair Paint Roller

Mohair Paint Roller

Preparation before construction:

1. The wall surface should be kept dry, the surface moisture should be less than 6%, the ph value is less than 9, and the new cement construction generally needs to be maintained for 20 to 40 days. 

2. Before construction, the drum pack, oil, dust, alkali, mildew and loose layers must be removed. When removing, it can be washed with dilute acid water, then rinse with clean water, and then paint after drying; when removing mold , use a spatula to remove mold on the construction surface, then use wall washing water, spray wash twice, and only dry it coating.

3. In the construction, according to the different climatic conditions and the specific painting, add a small amount of water or dilute it (refer to the instruction manual of each variety for the specific addition amount). When the temperature is lower than 7 ° C and the humidity is higher than 85%, construction is not suitable.

4. Do not use polyester coating materials while painting the wall paint, because the ions will make the glue paint yellow.

5. In order to make the paint film durable, maintain color, and not be attacked by the alkaline substances in the wall, a sealing primer should be used as the primer.

Construction process of interior wall paint:

1. Remove dust and dirt on the surface of wood products and lines (wood base).

2. Repair the defects such as burrs and forks on the surface of the wood base, and smooth it with sand to make the corners neat.

3. Use oily putty (or transparent putty) for batch scraping, polishing, and replenishing the putty and then polishing (make up the brown eyes and nail eyes first when using varnish, and do local color repair work)

4. Apply the first pass of paint, replenish putty, and remove surface dust after polishing.

5. Apply a second pass of paint, remove the dust on the surface after polishing, and perform water milling with water sand.

The order of painting the walls

1. First, paint the ceiling, starting from the place closest to the natural light source and gradually away.

2. Secondly, paint the walls from top to bottom, each time about two feet wide, also from the natural light source, and then gradually away.

3. Then, paint the windows, starting with the side of the window, and finally the frame.

4. Next, paint the details, such as the mosaic panel at the junction of the wall and the ceiling.

5. Finally, paint the skirting board.

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