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How to Judge Whether the Paint is Cured?

May. 09, 2020

As a Paint Brush Manufacturer, share with you. How long does it take to paint after a few days of painting? I know that you can’t check in immediately after painting. Although the current paints are environmentally friendly, you should pay attention after using the Natural Paint Brush to paint. Let's take a look at the standard answer.

Paint Brush

Paint Brush

First, how many days after painting?

Primer: It will dry in at most an hour,

Nitro paint: usually dry in 2 ~ 4 hours,

Polyester paint: It takes 4 ~ 6 hours to dry out,

Alkyd paint: more than 12 hours,

Ordinary resin paint: generally more than 20 hours,

Quick-drying paint: about 1 hour.

Second, to determine whether the paint is cured:

1. The fiber dust falling on the surface of the dry paint can be blown off or gently touched with your fingers without leaving fingerprints and dry surface;

2. For hard work, nails are forced to squeeze the paint film without obvious indentation.

If the high-temperature curing type paint cannot be cured at room temperature to achieve its expected performance, your question can not be answered accurately because the problem description is not specific and the information is insufficient.

The paint is completely cured when it is dry, and its time is subject to many factors such as the type of paint, the drying conditions, and the thickness of the paint.

3. How long does it take to stay after painting?

If you use environmentally friendly paint, you can stay in a week, but if you want to keep it indoors, it is best to stay in a month later. The environmentally friendly ones don't mean that there is really zero pollution, but they are relatively small. If the environment is poor and the ventilation is poor in a small space, a small amount of pollutant emissions will accumulate and cause harm.

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