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How to Maintain Furniture After Painting?

Apr. 22, 2020

As a Paint Brushes Manufacturer, I would like to share with you how to maintain the daily spray paint furniture:

1. Avoid direct sunlight: Use Paint Brush to paint dry furniture, and do not put it in the window or door of direct sunlight. Ultraviolet rays shining on the furniture surface for a long time will cause the wood paint surface to dry and powder. Therefore, painted furniture should be placed in a place not exposed to sunlight to avoid long-term exposure. If the real needs of furniture are placed near the window, it can be equipped with a window covering that blocks ultraviolet rays.

2. Avoid touching high-temperature objects and high-concentration chemical reagents: high-temperature objects such as boiling water cups, hot rice cookers, etc. are better not to directly touch the wooden lacquer surface, away from heat sources such as stoves and radiators, otherwise the appearance will be dry and cracked, and the paint film will fall off Exterior. A furniture paint film should also try to avoid touching high-concentration chemical reagents, such as hydrochloric acid, thinner, etc.

3.It is not suitable to directly place porcelain, glass countertops and other objects: if you need to place porcelain, glass countertops and other objects on lacquered furniture, be careful to place them, and cotton tablecloths should be placed below, rather than directly laying paper or plastic film Wait for airtight materials. Otherwise, for a long time, the paper or plastic film will stick to the paint film and damage the integrity of the paint film.

4. Beware of bumping with hard objects and scribing with knives: When moving furniture, pay attention to lightly and gently to avoid scratching the painted surface.If there are children at home together, care should be taken to prevent children from scratching the furniture with a knife, otherwise It simply forms hard damage to the paint film. This kind of injury is difficult to repair, and simply causes the paint around the wound to expand again.

5. Repaint wood paint every few years: Every few years, Canon repaints the same kind of wood paint to keep the furniture film in the house fresh and durable.

Quality Roller Brush

Quality Roller Brush

Today, I will tell you about the specific color of furniture paint and how to maintain the daily life of painted furniture. Here, the editor still wants to remind everyone that when it comes to coloring furniture paints, we must first understand some knowledge about colors. The principle of three primary colors of color is universal. We all know that the competition in the furniture industry is becoming increasingly fierce. In addition to ensuring the novelty of quality and style, merchants also have to ensure the diversity of the colors of furniture. This talent is more competitive.

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