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How To Clean The Paint Brush?

Apr. 29, 2019

As a Paint Roller Supplier, we have the following recommendations for the cleaning of paint brushes.

1: Prepare the tools and thinners to be used. Now prepare the combs (paintbrushes), paint cans, latex gloves, goggles, drapes or newspapers, three plastic bottles or metal containers, paints. Thinner (or mineral oil), paper towels, cartons and garbage bags.

2: Protect yourself and the work area, protect the place where you work, and prevent the paint on the paint brush from being applied to the work area. The method is to wear gloves and goggles, and put a newspaper or cover sheet where you want to work.

3: Put three coffee cans on the diluent for use.

4: Brush the excess paint into the paint can with a paint brush.

Bristle Paint Brush

5: In the first coffee pot, the initial cleaning is done. Soak the brush in the first coffee pot for 5 minutes, so that most of the paint on the paint brush is cleaned in the coffee pot.

6: Use a paper towel to make a drying device when soaking the brush. The method is very simple. Spread the paper towel in another area, and it can be several layers thick.

7: The soaked brush is blotted, the brush is taken out and then gently squeezed on the paper towel, and the place is not changed until the thinner material on the paper towel is very small.

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