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How To Paint More Evenly?

May. 09, 2019

As a Flat Paint Brush Manufacturer, we have the following recommendations for how to paint more evenly.

1. Cleaning: If you want to evenly paint the paint, first clean the items that need to be painted; after sanding with sandpaper, wipe it with a slightly damp cloth.

2. Dip paint: First, do not touch too much paint on the brush; the brush starts to brush, first three to four times on the furniture; from top to bottom, the paint on the brush is applied to the surface of the furniture.

3. Paint: First, start from the last touch, first brush up, return to the place where you started to brush; then brush down in the direction you just brushed, brush to the paint; finally, return to brush, that is, Brush down three times, and the brush is finished. The paint on the brush has been evenly brushed on the furniture.

Mohair Paint Roller

4. Dry: Use this method to brush all the other places, put the finished furniture in a cool place and wait for it to dry out.

5. Polishing: Polish the dried furniture again with sandpaper, polish the surface and wipe the surface with a slightly damp cloth.

6. Brush two or three times: continue to brush the second time with the above method. If you want the paint to be thick, you can brush it for the third time, so that the painted surface is more uniform. After brushing, wash the brush with gasoline, dry it, and continue to use it later.

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