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What Should I Pay Attention To When Using The Roller Brush?

May. 31, 2019

As a Paint Roller Supplier, the roller brush is one of the paint brushes in the brush category. In the wall coating construction project, the roller brush is one of the frequently used construction tools. As a paint construction personnel, it is necessary to master the use method of the roller brush in order to give full play to the coating effect of the roller, and also to understand the maintenance method of the roller and prolong the service life of the roller brush. As a Paint Roller Supplier, we recommend the use of Foam Paint Roller as follows:

Foam Paint Roller

First, before the roll-on, the new Foam Paint Roller needs to use a thinner material that matches the paint, soak the roller brush first; then, roll off the excess thinner on the waste newspaper or clean wall. This facilitates the initial adsorption of the coating and facilitates the cleaning of the drum. It should be noted that when the Foam Paint Roller draws the paint, it only needs to be immersed in half of the sleeve, and then roll back and forth on the swash plate in the tray or the wire mesh in the bucket to completely penetrate the sleeve. If the adsorption coating is insufficient, you can do it once.

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