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How Much Do You Know About Paint Brushes?

Jun. 03, 2019

With the continuous development of the society, the use of paint brushes has become more and more extensive. If you want to buy and use paint brushes, it is recommended that you master some indispensable common sense knowledge. As a Paint Brush Supplier, let's share it with you.

The paint brush has two handles, a plastic handle and a wooden handle. The plastic handle is injection molded. The wooden handle is divided into a wooden handle and an oiled wooden handle. The main material of the paint brush is pork bristle, wool, and nylon imitation pig bristle. The brushing accessories are horse iron, small nails and glue. Paint brushes are mainly used for painting, coating, and glue. It is widely used in home decoration, shipbuilding, aerospace, food, and archaeology.

These are some of the essential tips for paint brushes. If you want to know more about China Paint Brushes, please visit our website.

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