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Common Problems with Home Wall Paint

Jun. 09, 2019

The new home has just been renovated and it always makes people feel comfortable, but after a while, has there been such a situation in your home, such as: cracks in the wall, dry paint, tarnishing, etc. Everyone knows the most paint construction. Troublesome, there are many problems to be aware of. Next, Paint Rollers Supplier summarizes some of the problems that paints often see, and hopes to help you to decorate your home, no longer worry about paint!

1. Mildew

This problem occurs mostly on wet paint surfaces, such as when water vapor condenses on glass or metal surfaces, it often produces brown-black stains. At this point, the fungicide can be used to treat the moldy parts according to the instructions of the instructions. After the mold is killed, the surface is cleaned and then repainted.

2. Loss of luster

The newly painted surface is rough, usually because the paint brush used is not clean or contaminated by the surrounding environment. It is also possible that the paint is mixed with patent leather, which has not been precipitated and filtered before use, or that the paint is dusty when it is not dry. To prevent this from happening, a clean paint brush and paint bucket must be used. Always filter with paint paper or clean nylon stockings before using the old paint. In addition, the painted surface should be covered with a cover or cardboard when the paint is not dry to prevent dust. If the paint surface is rough, after it has dried out, smooth it with a dry and wet sandpaper, wipe it off, and then paint again. Pay special attention to the Microfiber Paint Roller must be clean.

Microfiber Paint Roller

Microfiber Paint Roller

3. Paint film wrinkles

Usually caused by brushing the second time after the first time the paint is not dry. At this time, the solvent in the undercoat affects the upper paint film and wrinkles it. In this case, the creped paint film can be removed by chemical mercury removal or heating to repaint. Remember, you must wait until the first time the paint is dry before you can go to the second time.

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