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What Are The Steps For Hand Brushing?

Jun. 13, 2019

Natural Paint Brush Supplier introduces you to the steps of hand painting.

Commonly used brushing tools The tools used for brushing are paint brushes. Depending on the construction object, paint brushes of different sizes and shapes can be selected. There are many types of paint brushes. The brush is divided into two types: hard burr and soft brush. The hard brush is usually made of piglet, and the soft brush is usually made of wool.

Be sure to pay attention to the following steps when painting by hand:

1. Clean the surface of the object to be brushed

2. Polishing objects with matte paper

3. Apply moisturizing powder

4. Full scraping the first time putty

Quality Flat Paint Brush

5. Full scrape the second time putty

6. Polish with fine sandpaper

7. Paint color

8. Brush the first varnish

9. Find the color, make up the putty, polish the fine sandpaper

10. Brush the varnish for the second time.

11. Polish the fine sandpaper for the third time, varnish and polish. Water sandpaper polishing, waxing, polishing.

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