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A Simple Guide to Choosing a Brush

Jul. 31, 2021

A job is as simple as what you do. The important thing is that you have the right tools for the job. As a Paint Brushes Manufacturer, I would like to share with you.

Choosing the right brush plays an important role in the speed and quality of the work done, because the results will vary depending on the type of brush you use. There is a famous saying "a poor worker always blames his tools", but in this case, if there is no high-quality paintbrush, the job will look terrible.

It is important to remember that good paint brushes can be used repeatedly if they are properly taken care of. You need to keep your brushes in their best condition, because constantly buying new brushes will erode your bottom line.

Paint Brush

Paint Brush

First, skip all cheap brushes. You are a professional, and you want to make your customers happy and give you good reviews, and even recommend to their friends and family. Choosing a budget option may be tempting, but a good paint brush can hold more paint and apply it more evenly. You don’t want to shy away from criticism just because you chose a cheaper brush. To

But for different types of paint applications, what size brush do you actually need? We have put together a quick guide to help you fill your decor kit with all the quality brushes you need for a successful job.

The best brush for cutting and drawing edges

Cutting and painting the edges requires a more professional paint brush. You need to choose a good quality bevel brush, which is more suitable for cutting, rather than trying to cut with a flat brush.

A 35mm brush is the perfect size to work in those small and tricky areas, allowing you to manipulate the brush better.

The best paint brush for wide trims and belts

If you are painting window frames, any wide-edged trim or furniture, a 3-inch bristle paint brush will provide a smooth finish. A sturdy bristle brush will provide more shape retention and a more precise finish.

The best paint brush for painting walls and ceilings

For larger areas, such as walls and ceilings, you need to use a high-quality 6-inch bristle paint brush. Although the roller is useful for covering a larger area in a short time, the brush will give you a smoother and better surface. Having both a roller and a high-quality 6-inch paint brush in your decorator’s kit is the way to prepare for all types of work.

How to clean your paintbrush

Proper cleaning is essential to ensure that your brush is more durable than a few jobs. If you have to pay hard-earned cash for new paint every two weeks, this may drain your wallet. The quality of paint brushes will improve with use, which is the case with most bristles brushes. The synthetic brush will not last long and will start to leave you with a rough and untidy surface.

Here are some quick steps you can take to extend the life of your brush:

After use, clean the paint brush thoroughly with warm soapy water (suitable for water-based paint). If you use oil-based paint, you need a special solvent remover

Use the correct cleaning fluid through the bristles until the paint becomes loose, then spray as much fluid as possible in the brush

After drying, put the brush back in its original packaging to maintain its shape. Our company also has Paint Brush on sale, welcome to contact us.

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