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The Differences Between Roller Brush and Paint Brush

Aug. 28, 2021

We all know that most interior wall paints on the market today can be applied with a wall paint brush or a wall roller brush. These lacquers play different functions in indoor and outdoor painting projects. And we decide which brush to use depends on the wall texture and the effect we want to achieve. Next, let us review the main differences between paint brushes and roller brushes, so that you can know how to choose between these two brushes in house painting.

Roller Brush

Nylon Roller Sleeve

Nylon Roller Sleeve

If you have used a roller brush, then you may find that the roller was designed with efficiency in mind. From the outside, the large, porous surface allows the paint roller to hold much more paint than a brush, and to distribute an even layer of paint much faster. Obviously, the paint roller is ideal for bigger areas.

The majority of painting projects are best tackled with a paint roller, especially when it comes to interior walls and ceilings. Different finishes can be achieved with different rollers. Rollers that have a relatively smooth surface will produce a smooth finish, whereas rollers with a thick or fluffy surface create a more textured finish.

Whilst paint rollers are ideal for most painting projects, roller covers don’t have a long lifespan. You’ll need to replace them after each painting project, or even a few times throughout.

Paint Brush

Varnish Paint Brush.jpg

Varnish Paint Brush

Paint brushes are generally used to cut in, and paint smaller, more detailed areas, such as trims, corners, and edges. Because brushes are small, precise and flexible, which makes it perfect for painting details, edges and areas that require more attention In addition, brushes are also used to create a textured effect with brushstrokes.

The type of bristles you’ll need will depend on the type of paint you’re planning to use.

Nylon or polyester bristles are perfect for latex (water-based) paints.

Chinese natural bristles are perfect for oil-based paints, varnishes, and stains.

There are various sizes and types of brushes to choose from:

The narrow brush is to paint joints and alcoves.

The wide brush is for edges and larger surfaces.

The radiator brush is used for corners.

Medium hardness brush is used to cover corners.

The soft angle brush is best for details.

If a good quality paint brush is well looked after and properly cleaned after every use, it can last for years.


If you want the best paint effect, the best way is to use the mixed technique. For example, you can start with painting the corners, difficult-to-reach areas and edges with the flat brush; and then cover larger surfaces with the roller brush. This method is more efficient and will save you time.

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