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Consider the brushes in many feathers

Jan. 13, 2017

Different brushes come in different shapes. Natural paint brushes are generally in one shape, namely round, but they do come in different sizes. However, hog brushes and other bristle paint brushes have a range of shapes as well as sizes which allow different types of marks to be made. Shapes include round, long flat, filbert, short filbert, short flat/bright, and fan.

Bristle Paint Brushes


When it comes to brushes you tend to get what you pay for, so buying the best quality brushes for your work will always be the preferred option. Poor quality brushes may not perform well, for example a poor quality hog hair brush will splay and soften, making messy marks and hindering the control of the color. Cheap softer synthetic brushes will hold little color and may not keep their point. Poor quality brushes will also deteriorate quickly and you may find yourself spending more money on two or three cheap brushes rather than on one high quality brush that lasts for years.

Caring for your brushes

Taking good care of your brushes will extend their lifespan and mean you can work with tried and tested tools year after year. Take a look at our separate Tip & Technique on the care and cleaning of brushes.

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